Helping Children Read After School

“Helping Children Read” is an effort to motivate, to teach, young children, grades 1 – 3, to read well, so they have the ability to go forward in school, graduate high school, and ultimately have careers of their choice. The ability to read is a necessity for children to be able to open their eyes and dream of possibilities for their future, and, with the experience of succeeding in school, have the self-confidence to pursue those dreams and become positive participants in life.

We need your help – VOLUNTEER ADULT VOLUNTEERS for Kid’s Classes

During the school year, we have a 1.5-hour, after-school, once-a-week tutoring session, led by Carol Wright with help from adult volunteers and older students. We meet regularly with school instructors to be sure we are in line with their course of studies. There will be no charge to the students.

We are fortunate to have provided for us by the school a comfortable, heated, enclosed space as well as some furnishings. We will also be covered by insurance under the umbrella of the Graham-Kapowsin Community Council. We will need funding for additional furnishings, for books and other supplies, for the use of a copier, (using recycled donated paper) for small incentive-rewards, small gifts, and snacks for children, as well as for necessary stipends for youth helpers, mileage for volunteers, and a small amount for miscellaneous unknowns.

Please pre-register:

Graham-Kapowsin Community Council

This info. is provided as a public service announcement & does not represent Sponsorship or endorsement by Bethel School District.

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