WINTER Community Exposition

Community Exposition

EXPO 2017 March 4th

Expo is an annual event showcasing the talent in our community! We not only have a lot of fun, we raise money to help pay for the rest of our programs throughout the year. See Our Flyer

Expo has up to 60 vendors: local business people set up booths and sell their products and services. 10% of the money they earn is donated back to G-KCC, making this one of our best fundraisers of the year. Stay tuned to find out who for Expo 2017! Vendor Form

We also have entertainment. Do you have a talent? Are you an artist, a crafts person, a singer? Come and show off to the community! We’d love to see what you can do! Entertainer Form

Local Businesses can help us grow and implement the programs on our agenda, including new learning opportunities, more effective linking of community resources, and economic growth opportunities. In turn, the community will recognize you as directly supporting them and their families. People have proven time and again their willingness to support businesses that support the community. Sponsor Form

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